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Best Cockapoo Puppy Shipping Service has been developed to make certain that every possible detail is covered when providing transportation of a dog. Once you have chosen your new family member you want to be certain that they arrive safely into you and your family’s loving arms. The goal is to provide you with the best experience when adopting your pet. We know patience is limited when you are waiting to meet the newest member of your family so we strive to make your shipping experience quick and easy.


Cost – Airline Shipping costs start at $525 (Some breed, size, and age restrictions apply and could affect final shipping cost) (From May through September, Shipping costs may increase because of higher temperatures)

(Please do not make payment for the puppy  until it is verified we can ship to your location.)

  • From May to September, temperatures are HOT. Please verify shipping availability to your location prior to purchasing your puppy from one of our breeders.

  • From December to March, temperatures are cold and the weather can be a concern, therefore delays in puppy shipments are fairly common. Please keep in mind our number one priority is the safe arrival of your puppy.


What does the shipping fee cover?

  • A puppy shipping service specialist will take care of your puppy until the time they arrive at the departing airport.

  • Your pup will be provided with a brand new puppy carrier with some absorbent material to provide comfort for the puppy, and a small food and water dish.

  • The pet carriers used are airline approved kennels.

More information

Shipping a Puppy Is Very safe: See Below Details

We Have Been Shipping Puppies for Many Years and It Is A Very Simple and Effective Way of Getting A Puppy to Its New Home. We Generally Ship Two Times A Week to Major Airports Nation Wide.

We Book the Flight A Few Days Prior To The Puppy’s Predetermined Shipping Date, Then Call or Email the Customer with All the Information They Will Need to Receive the Puppy. This Information Includes Arrival/Departure Times, Flight and Confirmation Numbers, Etc. Before A Puppy Is Sent to Their New Home, They Will Visit Our Local Veterinarian to Receive One Last Examination and The Health Certificate They Need to Fly.

The Puppy Is Sent home with All of their Paperwork (Exams, Vaccination Record, Registration Papers, Etc.), Welcome Pack, Secured Directly on Top of The Puppy’s Crate. The Puppy Will Fly in Their Own Individual Airline Approved Travel Crate for The Customer to Keep. Directly Attached to The Crate Will Be A Food and Water Dish Filled with Hard Food and Ice Chips for The Puppy’s Convenience During Travel. They Will Also Have Potty Pads on The Bottom of Their Crate, As Well As Shredded Paper to Cover Any Potty Accidents They May Have During Their Travels.

After Time to Potty and Play, The Puppy Will Be Checked into Their Flight Prior To Departure. The Puppy Travels in A Pressure, Temperature, And Altitude Controlled Cargo Center in The Plane. This Area Is Designated for Safe Animal Travel and Has Specific Airline Handlers. If Your Puppy Has A Layover, They Will Be Offered More Food and Water If Needed at That Time. If Layover Times Permit, Your Puppy Will Also Be Offered A Potty Break and A Chance to Stretch Their Little Legs.

We Work Very Closely with The Airlines, Animal Carriers, and Have Confidence in Their Ability to Give Our Puppies the Very Best Treatment. They Continuously Go Above and Beyond What Is Asked of Them to Ensure Our Puppies Have Everything They Could Want or Need During Their Travels to Their New Family.

Last Updated Feb 17, 2020